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Happy early Valentines day, my loves!! 2D and I are going to be doing some stuff tonight, he gave me a red rose and then kissed me. That was my present! Isn’t he a dear?! Anyways Noodle is having fun with her new bloke. Russ is with Cherry from Studio Killers! And Murdoc is just fucking a lot of other girls. I’m sorry I haven’t been on in a while. I’ve just been really busy. But as I said, Happy Valentines day!!!

So, how are my
Lovelies doing? I’m sorry I haven’t been on in a while! The connection’s really horrible because it’s snowing! And Murdoc I believe is making clone 2Ds down in his basement…. Hm… Anyone want any? Anyways. Dears, I miss you and again I apologize that there is a lot of stuff that’s been happening around here. I’ll get back to you soon.. Love Allie!

Yeah. Since Murdoch stated “Oi! Peeps! Guess who’s making a new album!? Oh, and guess who has no choice to be in it!? *evil Mudz chuckle* “  And so I thought, y’know why not return? Because I know at least SOME of you miss me. And I’ll come back for you guys. So starting now, my ask box is open again. And you can ask any question I guess. . I’ll see you later!

The picture that’ll never be colored. Because there’s too much detail and I’m lazy. And yes, Maay’s shirt says ‘Thirsty’ and Tarr’s shirts says ‘Hoe’ because that’s my girls…. And your HS people be falling over their pictures. <3 XOXOXO , Love Maay and Tarrel.

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