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My sonic character, Honie the Golden retriever!

Name: Honie the Golden Retriever. (named after my old dog, Honey)

Animal: golden retriever.

Personality: Loving, kind ,sweet ,smart , and charming.

Back-story: Coming from the origin of all Sonic characters, she came from their planet along with her other team members.

Affiliation: She can sometimes be very irritable around people she doesn’t like but she is indeed a hero.

Gender: Female.

Relationships: Sonic: Annoyance

Shadow: Ex- boyfriend and annoyance (Emo, Plumateir. (plumateir= falls off buildings in the game…A LOT))

Amy Rose: Annoyance

Espio: Boyfriend( regardless of Shadow being his best friend and fellow plumateir and emo) 

Pinyin: Best friend, team mate

Knuckles: friend

Big: Annoyance

Vector: friend

Omega: Bro (one of her best friends)(also fellow plumateir)

Cream: little sister figure

Tails: little brother figure

Rouge: Annoyance

Charmy: little brother figure 2

Branflakes: Annoyance, team mate 

Powers: Speed character, rips heads off of villans.

Hobbies: playing guitar, hanging out with friends, and making fun of annoyances.

Tell me if you would like me to make a ask Honie blog!!!!

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